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Hi there! I'm Nique.

You say it like Nikki - short for Dominique (but please just call me Nique or I'll think I'm in trouble!) I'm the owner and designer at Noteable Invitations.


I was born in to a very creative family, my Mom has all the ideas and my Dad was the artist. It just makes sense that I always wanted to create pretty things. My first post high school education was in art but life got in the way and I ended up working in other fields for a long time.


Fast forward to me staying at home with my youngest... Once she started school I was home and bored and started painting the house. Every. Week. The final straw for my husband was when he came home from work one day and the dining room was painted as if it were a formal English garden - complete with fountains and a hedge maze. He begged me to find another outlet. I started offering my artwork for sale online and was asked to create a wedding suite - I knew immediately that was what I wanted to do. I wanted to design stationery pieces that were special and unique to each couple - whether it was inspired by their hobbies or where they met and fell in love (I don't do catalogs)...and so my business began!


When I'm not meeting with clients in my home studio in Michigan or via skype, I'm busy hanging out with my kids and enjoying life to it's fullest!

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